Can’t get published unless you’ve been published

It is a crazy circle.  The publishing industry wants you to have already been published before they will publish you themselves.  How do you get published to have some credit behind your name?

I think your best bet is to grab a writers guide. (Writer’s & Illustrator’s Guide) Here you will find a wealth of information on publishers for your genre.  If you are wanting to be published to get some credibility behind your name look for those magazines that publish without pay.  I know, I know we all want to be paid for what we write, but think of it as a stepping stone.  A way to get to where you want to go.  If what you need is writing experience to add to your query letter than that may be a great way to get it!

You may also want to look locally.  There are several local magazines that are looking for local articles about the area, or maybe you could write a spot for your local paper.  I am sure they would love to hear from you.  They like a fresh perspective.

Be sure you represent your self professionally even if the gig is for no pay because remember it is a stepping stone to your future as a writer!  You can do it!  Just use your resources.

Have a great weekend!



One thought on “Can’t get published unless you’ve been published

  1. I agree Jodi. What I have noticed is that too often, as speakers, teachers, and writers, we get wrapped up in “the thing.” We spend so much time reading, editing, practicing, and perfecting for our “someday” audience that we lose sight of the fact that we don’t have an audience … yet.

    That now is the time to start surrounding yourself with others who will (or might) be interested in what you have to say. Audience-building now Is just as important as book proposal writing.

    And in short as you said, you have to publish yourself first. If you are waiting for a book deal to validate your work, your message or to make you famous, you’re going to be waiting and waiting and waiting.

    Here are some ways that I use and recommend to clients to establish credibility and publish yourself first:

    -Consistently publish to your blog.
    -Guest post to other blogs with similar markets.
    -Collect emails on your blog and keep in touch.
    -Consider producing a podcast.
    -Create a Facebook Fan/Like Page.
    -Start a LinkedIn or Facebook Group.
    -Be a guest interview for other blogs, podcasts, BlogTalk Radio, teleconference calls, webinars and more.
    -Make short YouTube videos for your own channel.

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