Sneaking away….

I am going to make this quick as I only have limited time on my hands.  I have just realized that I may have mastered the art of sneaking away from a sleeping baby!  This takes an immense amount of skill and strength, if you don’t know why, well then you have never tried sneaking away from a sleeping baby.  Example:  Baby is awake, so you lay next to them.  You close your eyes to encourage them to close their eyes as well.  You lay absolutely still awaiting the moment when the baby’s eyes close.  The little hand twitches and you know it is then possibly safe for you to make your first move.  You start to slowly put one foot towards the ground but the darn bed squeaks and the baby’s eyes open…hold that leg, don’t let the bed squeak anymore.  (See this is where the strength comes in!)  Once the eyes close again you proceed, moving each limb slowly and steadily like you are doing tai chi.  You are now in standing position but you just stare at the little one for a moment to ensure they don’t wake again.  Then you creep slowly, like a burglar in the old movies you know up on your toes,   praying the whole way that you don’t hit that one creak in the floor.  Once you reach the door frame you are home free.  You do a silent cheer and then move on!

And take a guess at why I was doing all of this sneaking?  Of course to get a little writing time to myself!

Enjoy your day!



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