When Charlie McButton Lost Power – Review

When Charlie McButton Lost Power

We all love a book that relates closely to our own lives. We find humor in reading about those things, and laugh out loud because what we are reading is so true to our own experience.
I recently read a book to my children that I immensely enjoyed. The LOL factor hit a high as I sat on our couch reading to two little ones snuggled in beside me and a baby on my lap. Honestly I think I was laughing more than they were but only because I could completely relate.
So the book I am talking about is called “When Charlie McButton Lost Power”, by Suzanne Collins. This book was hilarious and so true to our “plugged in” society. The story begins with Charlie on his computer, blood-shot eyes. . . when the power goes out. The illustrations clearly show his distress as he races for a solution to his lack of electronics. I don’t want to give it away but in his hunt for fun from his electronics he comes together with his little sister Isabel. A day of creativity ensues full of tents, and make-believe. So what happens when the power is restored?!? Check out the book to find out.
I have included some photos of the book below so you can see how dynamic the illustrations by Mike Lester are. I just can’t say enough about this book, I loved it.

P.S. One funny side note about this story is that I also have children named Charlie and Isabel. How ironic!

Have a wonderful week!


When Charlie McButton Lost Power


4 thoughts on “When Charlie McButton Lost Power – Review

  1. That book looks hilarious! I was just thinking about turning the “power” off so that my kids can spend some time without the computer and Wii. I just have to figure out how to make the power go out on the Leapster, too. lol

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