I am a WINNER!! PiBoIdMo is over again…..

Well the end of November came and went and that means the end of PiBoIdMo.  It is kind of sad actually.  I always look forward to the challenge that it brings.  Even though I tell myself I am going to keep up on it and find one idea a day, time slips away from me and I don’t do it.  I am so thankful that Tara Lazar hosts PiBoIdMo every year because it gets the ball rolling, it gets me started down the right path.  This year she added a facebook page which was totally AWESOME!!!! It was so nice to be able to visit with other people online about something I am so passionate about.  It was/is a great place to ask questions and get real answers from people who have already been successful in the children’s book business.

I won’t lie some days I did not write any ideas down because my day was so extremely hectic and out of control, but that does not mean they weren’t floating around in my head.  I have blogged about this before, but having your notebook handy at all times is key… I need to get better about using my ipod for my ideas because I do usually have that with me.  In the end I did get 30 ideas set on paper.  Only a couple have made it past just an idea, but for me that is success.

I am currently working on eliminating things in my life that are not necessary, to make room for those things I need to do everyday so that I don’t lose myself, and one of those things is writing.  Sometimes this cleaning and eliminating means letting people down, and saying no but it has to be done.  I find that when I don’t find time for my writing I become a somewhat depressed person.  Writing for me ignites my spirit, my creativity and the core of who I am.  Even if I am never published feeling the passion of writing is enough for me!

So here is my badge… I am a winner of PiBoIdMo…. I made it…. I am successful!



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