Should I find an Agent?

So one of the questions I have been grappling with lately is whether or not to go out and search for an agent?  I think this something every writer probably goes through at some point.

I was making cinnamon rolls for my family today when I was thinking of this very subject.  I remembered the last time I wanted to make cinnamon rolls I did not have any yeast.  Now if I would have made the cinnamon rolls without the yeast would they have turned out.  Well maybe they would have turned out the something like cinnamon rolls, but it would not be quite the same experience when you ate them.

I think the same is true when writing a children’s book when thinking about having an agent or not.  If you do not have an agent it would be like missing the yeast.  You would still get the children’s book but the experience would not be the same.  You would be left to figure everything out on your own compared to having someone in your corner who knows the ins and outs of the industry and can help you get the job done.  I think of an agent like the yeast they help you “rise to the occasion.” (that was a good one!) The agent helps you get noticed by the right people.

I look at it this way.  My passion is writing and that is what I do best.  My passion is not selling books and figuring out deals with book publishers, so it would be better left to a professional!  Why wouldn’t you want someone in your corner helping you reach your goals.
So my conclusion is “yes” you should get an agent.  Now the real question is how do you find one.  Maybe I will cover that in another post after I figure it out myself.

Until then, have a great week, and happy writing!



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