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I was driving home from taking my son to the dentist today and we ended up behind this truck that had the sign “Critter Gitter” on the side of it.  Hanging from the back of the truck off of a ladder were two bats, that at first I thought were real.  Right away I knew exactly what this business was all about!  I am really glad I’ve never had to call him, but I will remember who to call if I ever do need a critter getting service.

Seeing this truck on the road reminded me of article writing!  When writing an article, no matter what the subject might be, you have to find the strange or different subject matter contained in your topic.  People don’t want to hear the same story over and over again about any particular subject, and Publishers won’t publish the same boring information either.  You have to dig deep, and ask the questions why, where, and what?  Get specific when choosing your subject, don’t just choose the topic of bats, go deeper, how do bats sleep? Publishers are interested in a point of view that has not been heard before.

So where do you start? Start by asking yourself some questions. What are you curious about?  What were your favorite things as a child? What are you interested in now?  It is important to write about what you are interested in or what you know because it will hold your attention when researching and writing your piece, and you may know something about that subject that others don’t.  Once  you find a broad subject you are interested in start your research.  When researching your topic, look for the interesting little facts about your topic. Learn all you can about your subject matter so you can be confident in your writing.  For me, research is great fun!  I love finding out new things about whatever it is I am writing about.  I love looking at books on the same subject matter and searching out that one strange or unusual fact that is not talked about.  I then start building my article.   For me research is a like a hunt, a place of discovery where I can be curious and ask all of those strange questions and find out the answers.  It is best to build your article around the unusual angle or fact you have found on your subject.  When people read your article you want them to say “Wow, I never knew that about bats!”, or whatever your subject matter may be.

Articles can be a great way to get your foot in the door with publishing.  If your ultimate goal is to write a children’s story, you may want to start with articles.  Most publishers would like to see that you have already been published in the past before publishing your book.

I challenge you to write one article this week on a subject matter that you love!

~Make it a great week~


2 thoughts on “Write an Article

  1. good post. I write for children, too. I write PBs and middle grade, but don’t have any of my stories published yet. But, I have also written a column for kids in a regional magazine called Two Lane Livin’ for two years now. I am hoping that this experience put down on my cover letters will help me get published some day. It couldn’t hurt.

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