Inspiration- It’s all around us

Tonight is our annual town celebration, full of food, fun and music.  The night will start off with a parade which we always enjoy.  The kids always get to lead off the parade, they call it the “kiddie parade”, which gives the kids the opportunity to decorate their bikes and strut their stuff.  This year the theme for the kiddie parade is dress as your favorite storybook character.  Of course since I have a lot of children we will have a lot of characters…well they are always characters but this time they actually get to dress as one they like.  Gracing our presence will be Junie B Jones, Fancy Nancy, Tinkerbell and Super Mario Brothers to name a few.  It will be fun to watch them walk and wave in the parade as if they were stars on the red carpet. Along with the fun parade comes hordes of candy, so much that it will most likely last until Halloween!

Just like the candy at the parade Inspiration is being thrown at us all the time. We have the choice to collect up all of that inspiration or leave it by the wayside.  All of these inspirations could be what will make up your next character, or create your next plot.  These pieces of inspiration could create the next scene in your book, complete the last paragraph you have been struggling with.

The little notebook I hope that you carry with you can be your candy jar to collect all of the inspiration you see.  A note-book is key!  I always think I will remember something when I get home, but you never quite remember all of those small details that make your story great.  Sometimes even just jotting down a few words to help jog your memory can help.

This weekend when life throws pieces of inspiration  your way, collect them, and use them up to create your next great masterpiece.


Have a great weekend!~



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