Your Favorite Book is….

My favorite book is “The Little Red Hen”.  I loved this book as a child, and I can relate to it even more as an adult!  I feel like the little red hen a lot in my house hold.

“Who will help me clean up the kitchen so we can make cookies?”

“Not I.” Said child 1-7!!

And after many more “Not I” pages. . .

“Who will help me eat the cookies?”

“Oh me, me!”

I never knew how much I could relate, as an adult, to a character in one of my favorite childhood books.  Amazing what you learn when you go back and reread some of your favorite books.

I am sure there are tons of books out there I have never read, and I want to hear about them.  What is one of your favorite books, from the past, or one you recently have come across?  If you have it, pick it up and read it again for old times sake.  If you don’t have it around think about picking it up from your local bookstore or online.  If it was one of your favorite books your kids might enjoy it just as much.

Leave me a comment about your favorite book.  Talk to me, tell me all about it!

~Have a great weekend~

Jodi  🙂


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