School is out, in our part of the woods, and that means a more hectic day for me.  Today was the first official day of summer for our household and it really went pretty well.  I still got done everything I needed to do and fed ALL of the children, and played outside. SUCCESS!    The challenge in the coming weeks will be staying focused on my writing.  I need to submit my manuscript for my book before this baby comes, so organization will be key!

Using time wisely can be difficult when you are being pulled away from your focus by six little people that want your attention!  I recently was reading a blog post by Kristi Holl that talks about efficiency in writing  .  On this post she speaks about 5 great articles worth taking a look at for being more efficient with your time when it comes to writing… which could also apply to other parts of your life.  The following list is from the post mentioned above:

Check out the articles above, it will be worth your time.  Stay focused on your goals and use helpful information on the web to keep yourself organized and efficient when it comes to your writing.  A little organization can go a long way!

Have a great week!


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