A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon Book Review

A Bad Case of Stripes [Paperback]

I was impressed by the point that was expressed in David Shannon’s book “A Bad Case Of Stripes”.  It is literally a very colorful book that emphasizes staying true to yourself.  My kids love this book so much, and we have read it over and over again. They are intrigued by the pictures on each page and are captivated by the story as it unfolds.

Camilla Cream is the central character that gets into a tangle when she gives up her favorite food lima beans simply because all of her friends hate lima beans.  Strange things begin to happen to her, and every kind of doctor comes to examine her but they cannot figure out what is wrong.  Things continue to escalate as her body morphs into different shapes and colors until finally a little old woman saves the day with a hand full of lima beans.   From that day on “She ate all the lima beans she wanted, and she never had even a touch of the stripes again.”

Although this book is dog eared, and bent, it remains a favorite in our household.  Each time after we read this story we talk about Camilla and her lima beans.  I remind the kids to always stay true to themselves, and not to change because other people may not like who they are.   It really is a great life lesson that is easily lost in today’s society.  Pick this book  up at your local library or Barnes and Noble if you have never read it before.  It will be worth your time.

Camilla at school

A Bad Case of Stripes [Paperback]


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