Time to start fresh….

The new year is a time for resolutions and promises. They say one of the best ways to be sure you complete your resolutions is to WRITE THEM DOWN somewhere.  When we write them down we solidify them with our brain one more time. 

To be  honest I have not even really made a new years resolution yet, so I really need to get on the ball.  There are just so many things that need to be done, and even one year does not seem like enough time to accomplish all of these goals.  So I guess I just have to choose one or two to focus on.  I know that at least one goal will involve writing……finishing my course at Institute of Children’s Literature would be a good one, but I will do that regardless.(almost done, second to last assignment!) 

I did send one of my pieces of writing off to a magazine and have not yet received a rejection letter YET!  So I guess that could lead me to one goal I have been working towards “getting published” this year.   Okay, there we go, goal number one, get published.  That alone could take the whole year or more! 

Now that I have set at least one goal I better start moving towards it…….what shall I do first. HMMMM….making a plan would be a great idea.

If you have not made any new years resolutions yet, I would encourage you to.  Take a look at yourself and make a resolution that will lead you to a bigger goal in life, not just the same one you did last year…lose weight, get organized… blah.  Really focus on where it is you are going in life and where you want to be, then when the end of the year comes you can look back and know you were headed in the right direction.  Good Luck!

Have a great week!


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