Fall is in the air

Fall is in the air, as I am sure it is around most of the country.  It is a wonderful time of year, a time for us to reflect on our fun summer and look forward to (or not) the winter that is upon us.  Open your windows today if the weather permits, or just step outside and take a deep breath.  The fall air is so refreshing.

As a writer one of the great lessons I have learned is always to have a notebook, paper and or pen handy.  You need to have one EVERY WHERE!  There is nothing worse than writing an unbelievable story idea on the only scrap of paper you can find and then losing it. 😦  Most of the time we can recall bits and pieces of the story idea, but it is never the same as when you have that true “Aha” moment when it is all there in your mind.  Take the time today to place a notebook anyplace you will normally be.  In your purse/diaper bag, in your bathroom, and kitchen, bedroom and TV room.  You just never know when inspiration will strike, and you need to be prepared.  They also have quite a few pretty neat gadgets out these days that may help you keep everything in one place. I have the ipod touch, which I have with me when I am on the go, and it has a notes section that you can quickly write an idea down. 

School supplies are on sale at stores around the country so stock up now on your favorite notebooks while they are cheap!

Have a great FALL weekend!

"Be ready"


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