We went to the zoo today.  It was extremely hot, 105 degrees!  The kids did pretty well.  About 2:00 the whining started, which was about right, I wanted to whine as well, it was a lot of walking.

I thought about writing a lot while we were there today.  It is amazing how in our day to day life we tend to look past the natural beauty the world has to offer.  At a place like the zoo they have captured it all for you and are presenting it in a compact little (well actually pretty big) package.  You tend to take a closer look things because that is what you are there to do!  I know I forget to look for those details when I am simply on a walk to the park, or on a drive somewhere.  So to bring all that back to writing I have summed up our experience in a couple of helpful thoughts for the day.

  1. Don’t forget the details.  Details make a story.  It is not just a Butterfly, but a turquoise and lavendar butterfly with wings as big as a post it note and a tongue that slowly uncurls to suck the sweet juices of a peice of fruit.
  2. Wrap it up for the reader.  Just like the zoo is a lot of experiences rolled into one nice package, your book should be too.  Let the reader be able to submerse themselves in your writing and become a part of that world.
  3. Don’t write when it is hot.  Ok not really, you can write when it is hot.  What I mean is, just like our experience was overshadowed by the heat of the day, the same can happen when you are trying to write.  Don’t let other things overshadow your writing.  Write when you can fully concentrate on it!  

The picture below is from our zoo trip today 8.10.10!


Take a look at the wonderful details


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